We share neuroses! Best friends forever!

February 23, 2008 at 11:33 am (Books)

I have a crush on Patricia Marx, and I’m singing it on all my blogs. Of her narrator’s attraction to Eugene Obello, slime-bucket extraordinaire, she writes: “You know what I think it really was? He was a narcissist. I love narcissists – even more than they love themselves. You don’t have to buoy them up. They are their own razzle-dazzle show and you are the blessed, favored with a front-row seat”.

I just finished “Him Her Him Again The End of Him”, and I laughed the whole time. It took a lot to restrain myself from texting my best girlfriend every 15 minutes with another quote that *screamed* me. In my first gush-fest about this book, I promised to let everyone know if the book has a happy ending for the neurotic narrator, and oh indeedy does it ever. Naturally, it involves the death of Eugene by toppling bookshelf (how fitting). But considering his overwhelming prattiness, I consider that a very happy ending.


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