We share neuroses! Best friends forever!

February 23, 2008 at 11:33 am (Books)

I have a crush on Patricia Marx, and I’m singing it on all my blogs. Of her narrator’s attraction to Eugene Obello, slime-bucket extraordinaire, she writes: “You know what I think it really was? He was a narcissist. I love narcissists – even more than they love themselves. You don’t have to buoy them up. They are their own razzle-dazzle show and you are the blessed, favored with a front-row seat”.

I just finished “Him Her Him Again The End of Him”, and I laughed the whole time. It took a lot to restrain myself from texting my best girlfriend every 15 minutes with another quote that *screamed* me. In my first gush-fest about this book, I promised to let everyone know if the book has a happy ending for the neurotic narrator, and oh indeedy does it ever. Naturally, it involves the death of Eugene by toppling bookshelf (how fitting). But considering his overwhelming prattiness, I consider that a very happy ending.


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New York Times Book Review Podcast

February 10, 2008 at 10:47 pm (Books, Media, Social Trends)

I don’t know where I have been, but this is very exciting to me. First, the whole concept of “podcasts”. Forgive me, I know they are all the rage in new media. I knew of them peripherally of course, but hadn’t downloaded any or gotten involved. Then, this week I bought a new Macbook with iTunes and … the iTunes store, from where you can subscribe to all these amazing podcasts for FREE! 

The first five that I downloaded: NY Times Book Review, NY Times Front Page, CBC Vinyl Cafe Stories, CBC Best of Ideas, and This American Life. So, tomorrow on my way to the city I will be listening to the book review section as they talk about books on politics. Or just politics. The preview wasn’t clear. Either way, Sam Tanenhaus is keeping me company on the commute as I head down to the Random House offices for Spring Preview. 

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